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Welcome to the Web Quest Boys and Girls!

Grade: Kindergarten


Today we are going to have some fun by using our friend Arvy the Avatar to help us learn about different emotions that we feel inside our bodies!

Activities and Practice:

1) Click this link to get us started: http://dotolearn.com/games/facialexpressions/face.htm. Once we see Arvy, we can click on the emotions on the top to see how he reacts to each one! After this, we can move on our adventure and play The Feelings Game.

2) Click on this link to get us to the game! http://dotolearn.com/games/feelingsgame/index.htm. Once we are here, you can choose which character you want to use. This game has 4 different parts and will help us practice matching emotions to faces! When we complete this, parts 3 and 4 help us learn how to guess which faces and emotions we will use based on the stories that are told.

*The most important part is to have fun and ask for help anytime you do not feel comfortable. We can do this!*


Now that we have some practice with emotions, I'm going to go around the class and ask you the same kinds of questions that you saw in the activities to review.


Now that we have reviewed all of the emotions we learned about today, please print out this worksheet. Quiz. We will go over the directions together and then you will complete it quietly at your seat. An adult will be at each table to help you work and answer questions that you have.


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