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While attending SUNY Plattsburgh, my dedication toward a future in School Psychology became a permanent fixture. Psychology first became of significant interest to me in the 8th grade. During high school I took a course in the introduction of psychology and became hooked. While applying for schools I saw Plattsburgh as a place with a dedicated psychology program, as well as having a group of standout professors. Therefore, declaring my major upon being accepted here was a “no brainer.”

            After reading the Plattsburgh State University MA/CAS in School Psychology's handbook in its entirety, I was thoroughly impressed. I strongly believe that the outstanding curriculum that is put together, worthy of national accreditation, will be a vital part of assisting me in my future career endeavors. The program will put me through the most rigorous academic training that I have ever received. My dedication, perseverance, and tireless work ethic toward becoming a school psychologist will help me to succeed in this test of professional commitment. I plan to take full advantage of the third year internship to learn everything I possibly can from a professional that has been around the education system for a significant number of years. Upon completion of the program's requirements, it is my professional aim to be hired by a school district that is looking towards change and excellence.

            My ultimate career goals are to serve students, families, faculty and communities to the best of my ability. I understand that learning is a lifelong process and new techniques are constantly being introduced to us each and every day. I feel that it is my duty as a professional to be fully aware of these changes and always keep an open mind toward other people’s views. The integrity and safety of the individual or group must always be kept of primary importance. This is how I will approach all situations and represent a professional demeanor.  


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