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Mr. Christopher Van Houten                                                                January 19, 2010

Grade Level: Kindergarten

Duration: Approx. 20 minutes

Lesson Objectives:

A)    Students will be able to identify which facial expressions go with which feeling/emotion.

B)     Students will be able to identify which feelings and facial expressions go with certain situations/events.

Introduce the Learning Activity:

A)    Tell the students that today we are going to learn about how to tell what someone is feeling inside by looking at their faces. Also, tell them that we can tell how peoples faces react based on different situations/events.

B)     I will provide motivation in the students by telling them that we are going to the computer lab today. Also, provide praise and encouragement throughout the learning activities.

Provide Information:

A)    The students will be told about the facial expressions that they will be learning during the first part of the Web Quest( Facial Expressions Game). The expressions they will be learning are: surprised, angry, afraid, disgusted, sad, happy, ashamed, and interested. Explanations about each, what they mean, and what they look like will be assisted by the avatar.

Provide Practice:

A)    Students will be able to practice the objective during the second part of the Web Quest. They will play the Feelings Game, which has four different parts.  

B)     Students will practice this task with the Feelings Game individually. They are encouraged to ask questions and help reading words they are not sure of.

Provide Knowledge of Results:

A)    Verbal feedback will be given throughout the learning activity to encourage students.

B)     Written feedback is given to the students on the screen through the Feelings Game.

Review the Activity:

A)    I will review the activity with the students by making faces and having them volunteer which emotion I am expressing. I will also give simple situations and have them volunteer which emotion I might be feeling.

 Method of Assessment:

A) Students will be assessed by providing them a worksheet to print out and complete during group study time.


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