Victoria Adebanjo | Welcome


Future Health and Travel Public Relations Extraordinaire

Growing up in the vibrant city Brooklyn, New York then coming to SUNY Plattsburgh was a huge culture shock for me, but this is where I found my calling and decided on what I plan to do with my life.

I am pursing a bachelor’s degree in public relations with an adjoining minor in biology at SUNY Plattsburgh. My main goal in my career is to be able to travel while being the head of the Public Affairs department in one of the hospitals in New York City. I want to travel the world to meet new people, taste different foods and gain new experiences. I plan to start my journey by going on a mission trip to Panama during December 2017.

I have experience in public relations from the many classes I have taken throughout my time in college such as Cardinal PR, Public Relations Principles and many more. I also hold the position of Public Relations officer on the executive board of a very prominent and established club, African Unity , The African Student Association. My previous work experience as a student office assistant in the Human Resources office at my college has helped me to hone my skills in multitasking and interacting with diverse sets of people I encounter every day.

I would be a great hire because I commit myself to my work and go above and beyond to make sure all tasks are completed in a timely and efficient manner. I put my all into my assignments and work very hard to create something that I and my employers can be proud of.