Tung Nguyen

To become a succesful video maker and digital media producer in the everchanging media landscape. As a sophmore in digital media production major, I have a passion in making video and working with digital media technologies. I love making beautiful videos and being in front of the camera entertaining people. I found out that I am in love with making videos since I watched so many Youtubers and saw the amazing videos they made, feeling I am jealous that they can do it, I decided to learn and start doing it like them, too. I always have greatful feeling whenever Im watching video because I think it is the best way to capture moments in your life.

Growing up in VietNam, I always have a wish to come to the US to follow my dream that I could study abroad here where technologies here are strongly growing up day by day. I came SUNY Plattsburgh, I tried my best to paticipate in club like Public Relation in Korean Association club and Vnation Association. Also Im currently working at Yokum cage where I am taking care all of the cameras so I have experiences with every kind of cameras.

I also have a dream to be a famous Youtuber one day when I started doing what I like on my channel and share with people like me.