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I was born inAustoria Queens, New York. I have also lived in Albany, New York and Orlando Florida. I relocated to Plattsburgh, New York in 2000. I come from a large Italian family, I am the oldest of 35 grandchildren. I am the oldest of my brother Chris and I.Although my immediate family is small, I have a very large extended family. My great grandfather imigrated to America in the early 1900's to start a new life and escape the control of Mussolini. Our family descends from Provincal Avaleno in a mountain village near Naples Italy. I take great pride in our heritage and family traditions. Being the oldest grandchild from my grandfather and his six brothers I try to keep our family history alive and remembered. Watching my grandfather and his brothers cook our favorite dishes that were brought here by my greatgrandmother Nona drove my interest to become a Chef.

I origianlly went to college to be a Chef and Hotel Manager. I have cooked and worked in the food business for most of my life. I have also run and owned restaurant and retail businesses. In 2001 I changed careers and became a Teacher and Athletic coach. I have kept in touch with my roots of cooking and often cooked while teaching. I teach Family and Consumer Sciences and Social Studies. I have coached Football, Track, Soccer, and Softball. I have also coached Rugby and worked as a referree for Volleyball and Football. I love all sports and my favorite hobies are to Golf, Fish, and Travel. I have played Rugby for several years. I played soccer in high school and during undergraduate study at college. My love for travel I believe came from the many Anthropology courses that I have taken. I find dance, food, music and practices of different cultures very interesting. I have traveled to Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic several times, learning an appreciation of how to cook the food, dance to latin music and speak conversational Spanish. I believe hard work gives you character and that anything worthwhile does not come easy. Each day you should make a conscious effort to make it better than the day before.

'Fi Siempre Lo Da Verde'

(Alsways do what is right / Always do what is expected of you)

Nonona Testo


"Where fear is present, wisdom cannot be."

Luciuc C. Lactantius




Home|| Curriculum Resources|| Resume|| Lesson Plans|| Educational Experience|| Teaching Philosophy|| Photos

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