Sarah Trafton

Future nature documentuary maker.

I was always a big fan of nature documentaries growing up, and this attraction was what swayed me from going to vet school. I felt this career path was more a of the ‘big picture’ idea than neutering someone’s pet. I loved the idea of visiting exotic places, learning new things and making these unique experience accessible to others.

Because of my career path, I decided to double major in Ecology and Journalism at SUNY Plattsburgh. Here, I’ve learned the basics of programs like Photoshop, MovieStudio, Audacity and am currently learning InDesign and Notepad ++. I’ve had great opportunities such as writing and now editing for APN online magazine. I was also a Teaching Assistant for a newswriting class and a grammar class. I feel my ecology classes and field work, as well as my internship with Cornell Cooperative Extension, will make me more knowledgeable in my field.

Some of my strengths include self-motivation, work ethic, time management/prioritizing, and customer service/people skills. I have consistently challenged myself with accelerated/honors courses throughout my academic career and balanced this with part-time jobs, sometimes two at once. I’ve received several scholarships and other awards such as Dean’s List for my efforts. My coursework has given me an adequate background and my work experience, especially in hospitality, as well as my community service, have helped me to develop vital skills that are applicable to nearly any field.

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