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 Sylvie LevesqueI live happily with my husband in the North Country since 2002 where we raise our 3 children.Three years ago, I was asked to teach French to high schoolers in Franklyn County high school. This was the start of an unsuspected passion: teaching.  I continued teaching to middle school students in Ticonderoga Middle School. I decided then to get the New York State teaching certification and, in fall 2018, I started the Master of Science for Teachers.

I am a French native speaker which according to the New York State Education Department is equivalent to thirty semester hours of college credit via American council on the Teaching of foreign Languages Proficiency Examination, on which I scored superior proficiency in French language.  I also hold a bachelor's degree, from a French-Canadian university and am currently attending SUNY Plattsburgh in New York to complete a Master of Science for Teachers and eventually obtain the New York State teaching certification.  Being French Canadian, I am very close to the French culture as we, Quebec and France, share a lot culturally. I have traveled in France and go regularly in Quebec to visit friends and family members. I enjoy sharing with students the love for my language and take pleasure in showing them the various language and cultural distinctions between Quebec and France and other francophone countries.  I often incorporate discussions about the Quebec and France current events with my students. Three years ago, I discovered a real passion for teaching and helping students to do their best, academically and personally.  I have developed innovative exercises for students and I really enjoy finding about ways to help different type of learners derive the maximum benefit from learning a new language while staying engaged in the classroom.

I prefer to interpret situations in terms of people and their social and work/school relationships as well as the practical aspects of what is right in front of me, and what must happen to achieve results or accomplish the task at hand.  I enjoy being in the here and now and find ways to balance performance and people needs with goals demands.  My major strengths are:

-Teamwork or any group effort                                  - Practical Thinking

-Interpersonal communication                                   - Understanding others

- Empathy                                                                   - Concrete organizing and functional needs

My natural talents are:

-          - Attitude towards others                                            - Initiative

-         -  Empathy / Emotional Intelligence                           - Proactive thinking

-          - Objective listening                                                  - Gaining commitment

-          - Flexibility                                                                - Persuading others


How does it reflect in a classroom? Well, I am a passionate educator that shows a genuine interest and deep respect for her students.  I keep high positive expectations for each and everyone of them and encourage and support them to give their best.  I adapt the learning content and the teaching methods and strategies to my students and their pace of learning.  I start from where they are and bring them where they need to be.  I value knowledge, mutual respect and work ethic.  I create a safe and caring learning environment where students feel comfortable and respected in their learning. 

I have found a passion for teaching and when given the opportunity, I feel I would bring an excellence knowledge of French, as well as passion, patience and diligence to a school.


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