SUNY Plattsburgh

Hawkins Hall, SUNY Plattsburgh. Photo by:

Plattsburgh is located in Plattsburgh, New York, which is a small city in the northern most tip of New York. It is known for its famous battle, the Battle of Plattsburgh and its role in the Revolutionary War. Plattsburgh has beautiful scenary among the mountains and Lake Champlain. I always love the trip up here because it is so much different from my home in Westchester, NY. SUNY Plattsburgh also has a great Computer Security program which is helping me learn a lot about the cyber security field.

Computer Security
This class teaches the basics as well as hands on approaches to various problems that occur in the cyber security field. It helps greatly in protecting people's information as well as preventing security breaches.
Programming Language Classes
In order to be productive in cyber security, you have to have the technical knowledge to address problems. Learning many different programming langauges can allow you to address problems, fix them, and make them more secure.
Web Design
Although this class is not for my major, it is required for my minor. It also helps since many applications are through the web today, which will allow me to have a little more insight when dealing with web-based applications.

White Plains Senior High School

I attended White Plains Senior High School for all four years of my high school education. I have lived in the city of White Plains all of my life and was happy to finally graduated and get out of my home town.


White Plains Community Media

I learned many things working at White Plains Community Media One thing I learned is how to communicate with various different types of people, both clients and collegues. I also learned a lot about the T.V. industry and even though it may not relate to my career goals, it still was an eye opening expierence.