Sam Pic
At the Acropolis in Athens, Greece. Photocred: Cassidy Backus
Born to Write. Dream to Travel. Aspire to be Great.

That's it. That's my motto. I popped out of the womb with a mess of curly hair, armed with pen and paper. It's been my lifelong passion to be a great writer with the ability to travel the world. Guess what? I'm doing it.

I attend SUNY Plattsburgh, majoring in multimedia journalism. I've worked as a grammar teacher's assistant, public speaking coach, Global Education Office assistant and DoNorth magazine staff writer and editor.

I studied communication and media studies at the University of Chester, England, in Spring 2016, doing exactly what I told everyone I was going to do one day: I'm going to travel the world. My journey didn't end there. My last month abroad was spent traveling to various countries throughout Europe, tasting new foods, meeting interesting people and partaking in various cultures.

Writing has always been a passion, allowing me to travel, learn and influence the world with my words. And this is only the beginning of my journey.