ryan bonifati

I am looking for jobs or internships in the Public Relations work field.

I am a senior at Plattsburgh State University studying public relations. My main goal in life is to work for a public relations firm or for a university.

Majoring in Public Relations at I am seeking a job in the Public Relations field because with my experience in the business field, I could be an important asset in a Public Relations firm.

Playing college lacrosse here at SUNY Plattsburgh, I have a strong interest in sports. I hope to combine both my love for sports and public relations as my future career path. It does not matter if it is with an actual team at any level or if it is with a pr firm that works with teams.

I intend to let every future employer of mine that I am great and hard worker, I take direction when a task needs to be accomplished and I am an even better teammate always trying to better my co-workers and myself.

Currently I am a Junior attending SUNY Plattsburgh. With skills in customer service I have discovered my true passion to help people and better the name of the company I am working for. I have worked five years doing retail and four years working at a day camp watching kids from ages 5-13.

Throughout my college career I have taken multiple courses that would excel myself in the Public Relations Field. Courses such as: Grammar Writing, News Writing, Advanced News Writing, Public Relations Principles, Public Speaking and Law and Ethics. Plattsburgh has one of the best Public Relations and Journalism programs in New York State.