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Interactive WWII Pearl Harbor Lesson Link - This link is to the interactive WWII Lesson Covered in the Lesson Plan section of the Website

Historical Photos - This link is to a website which features historical photos, as well as the stories behind them. Content Warning: Some photographs may contain graphic images.

U.S. History Websites - This link allows students to connect with websites that focus on the history of the United States. Website includes links to other websites, as well as descriptions of what can be found at each web address.

National Geographic - National Geographic is a site that presents a wide range of information in regards to the world we live in. Topics include Science, Travel, History, and much more. Also includes high quality photographs, as well as videos.

BBC - BBC is a news site which includes new articles that discuss current topics. The website also includes sections for Travel, History, Culture, Art, and much more.

Best History Sites - Best History Sites is a wesbite that can be an extremely useful resource for not only students, but history teachers as well. This site offers lesson plans, history research sources, and much more.

Art History Archive - Art History Archive is a useful website for examining artistic movements, as well as the artists and movements that have existed as well.

History - This website includes information about History Channel programming, as well as samples of famous speeches, and an interesting section that discusses what has happened on that particular day in history.

Citation Machine - This wesbite is a useful website for students to utilize when creating citations for their history papers. Follows the Chicago Manual of Style citation.

Teaching History - Teaching History is a website that shares useful resources that can be utilized by history educators.


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