peter and his dog

Eager Competitor at any Task

All of my life I’ve been driven by competition, treating everything like a competitive game and always wanting to be victorious. I recall being in the first grade and strategizing over the board game connect four, learning patterns so that I could win nearly every time. In high school, I played four sports at the varsity or junior varsity level and continue to participate in athletics as a member of the Men's Varsity Lacrosse team in college and love working in a team atmosphere.

Initially after high school I planned to pursue a career in sports medicine but was drawn to the business world for the personal and competitive aspects it offers. I currently Major in Public Relations with a Marketing Minor and I am on track to graduate in May 2018, though I've considered taking additional courses to pursue a degree in marketing afterwards. I hope to be able to combine both my passions for sports and public relations in my future career path, be it working with a team, manufacturer or and other component of the sports business industry.

From a young age, I’ve worked several landscaping jobs and always enjoyed to be hands on in my work. I have also worked years in customer service at both clothing and grocery retailers. This past summer I also gained some experience waiting tables. Though this experience does not relate directly to the work I see myself doing in the future, I believe it’s been beneficial for me to experience this part of the working world and inspired me to work harder to accomplish my career goals and work in a field I enjoy. My current aim is to find employment or internships in the Public Relations or Marketing field.

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