Madison Winters | Employment


Seeking a public relations career in the fashion industry.The ideal position would allow me to use my creative abilities to relay a message or sell a product to specific audiences.

Employment History

Leisure tan

Leisure Tan

Working at Leisure Tan and working in retail environment comes natural to me. Working at leisure requires a variety of tasks including doing the laundry,answering the phones, scheduling appointments and covering the sales. There’s a lot of paperwork and filing used to keep customer information organized and up to date. Because we serve 50-60 customers a day working with a different personalities has taught me to be on my toes. Using the cash register wasn’t a new skill but it’s one that I take very seriously because it isn’t difficult to make mistakes. Something as simple as pressing a wrong key could cause imperfections in the shirt reports and require unnecessary time and effort to correct.

Kaz’s Deli & Village Sunoco

I started out as a cashier at Kaz's Deli & Village Sunoco and worked my way up to a managerial position. I transitioned into working in the deli after three months. I made sandwiches, salads, pizza and popular dishes from pakistan because my boss was born there and wanted to share his culture with his customers. I became the evening shift manager but would open the store at 5 a.m twice a week. Being a manager I had a variety of tasks which included scheduling, ordering products, handling customer service issues and overseeing the productivity of the other employees.

Full Time Child Care Provider

I worked for a family that had two children. My responsibilities included cooking, cleaning, playing with the children and whatever else their parents left on a list of chores for me. My shifts started at 5 a.m. Waking up early is very easy for me.