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Public Relations individual with a passion for the Events Planning and Entertainment industry. To contribute expertise, management and language skills, media knowledge and problem-solving abilities to the Industry.

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Professional Qualifications

Professional skills

Events Planning
One of the industries I would love to work as a PR is the entertainment industry. I look forward to planning concerts and stage plays for my clients.
Social Media Promotion
Social media is an important PR tool and I have experience in this field. I have helped run accounts for some of the organizations I have worked for or had a leadership role.
Speech writing /Coaching
Speech writing is an important PR skill. I understand that in most cases, I would have to prepare a speech for my client or represent my client at a conference or meeting where I have to speak. My skills have helped me to effectively coach college students.
Customer Care Services
As a PR it is very important that you know how to attend to your customers, your client and vendors. You need to know how to help your clients appeal to their customers because that is the only way you can get them to buy your idea or goods.

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