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Public Relations Specialist – Events Planning and Entertainment

I am currently a sophomore at SUNY Plattsburgh studying Public Relations. Unlike many others, I knew I wanted to study Public Relations four years before college. When I was younger, three of my favorite extra-curricular activities were public speaking, music and events planning.

For the past seven years of my life, I have delivered promotional and motivational speeches at school forums and organizational events. I discovered my public speaking skills much earlier in my life and I grew up in an environment that taught me to prepare for my future at an early stage. It was time for me to discover my purpose, a befitting career.

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I loved public speaking so much and I knew whatever I would end up doing in life has to be connected to public speaking. I discovered Public Relations and I fell in love with it. I saw it as an opportunity to use my speaking skills to promote organizations or individuals: An opportunity to turn my speeches into proposals.

I embarked on the PR journey and figured I needed to pick an industry to specialize in and I decided to go for events planning and entertainment. My father used to be an event planner, he planned concerts and anniversaries. I enjoyed helping him to plan and strategize; I was able to see my creative ideas come to live.

Being at events a lot, I grew into listening to different types of music. I met a couple artistes while hanging out with my dad, I would observe the management team, follow them on social media and see how much work they put into trying to promote the artiste's and their works.

Public Relations has become my passion, I would give my all to strategizing in other to sell a brand to the major public. I would gather extra knowledge and contribute to the growth of your brand if you grant me the position of a PR intern.

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