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At this point in my trek to becoming a teacher I have spent time in a classroom but never teaching independently. However, I have had great models and mentors throughout my journey thus far and I credit them for molding me into the teacher I hope to be.

I believe that every student has a different outlook on life, has different experiences, and has different skill sets. As a teacher, it is important that I am aware of them and help students in any and every way I can. I want to welcome individuality, creativity, and innovation in my classroom so to create a comfortable and welcoming learning environment. English is about more than being able to write a thesis, find a theme, or know the infinite literary devices. It is about students ability to engage in a text and be able to draw connections to their life and the world around them even if the text is a play from over 400 years ago. English is about giving students a voice through different mediums. My goal as an English teacher is to promote critical thinking skills and the ability to question effectively. Moreover, I want my students to be able to extend what they have learned in my class to deeper meanings and other facets in life. While my job still lies in teaching students about the themes of To Kill a Mockingbird or the literary devices in MacBeth it can extend far beyond that. I cannot simply teach the English curriculum, but also the underlying curriculum of being an upstanding, well-informed citizen of society and being able to make informed decisions. And of course, I will do all I can to share my love of English with every student who steps into my classroom.

I do not expect to set the world on fire as a teacher, and I know I cannot reach every student that will come through my door. However, that does not mean I will not try.










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