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Luke Roderka

Luke Roderka

Luke Roderka Robert Moses

I have always been into technology ever since an early age. I have always tried to stay ahead of the pack, if you would say by learning what new innovations were coming to market or were in development. I would spend countless hours on the web looking up new products to see what they were and how they worked. I still did this even if I couldn’t afford them or had no use for them, I just wanted to know what they were capable of. That just came with my curiosity and wanting to constantly learn something new. As I’ve grown older, my career ideas have changed but this thirst to know wants going on in the tech world has only grown stronger and has made it harder to settle for a inferior item if I know there’s a better one available.

From a young age technology wasn't the only interest I've had. The other is business specifically finance. This new passion to make money came from reselling items, mostly sneakers. Sneaker resell became a popular revenue source for me and my friends and allowed us to combine some passions of ours. Selling shoes showed me the hustle needed to do well and the importance of communication when it came to interacting with others. This also showed supply and demand, and the more limited the greater the demand. The shoes acted like a share of a stock, and the market dictated the value.

Now that I'm older I've been on the hunt to combine these two passions and thats lead me to major in Finance and Economics and minor in Management Information Systems and Computer Science. With these skills I learn, Im hoping to apply them to change the finance industry or working at a venture capitalist firm. Other than business I enjoy arts and fashion with the goal of eventually producing my own clothing line.

About Me

I was born and raised in Northport, New York. Attended Northport Highschool where I graduated from in 2015. After highschool, I attended SUNY Plattsburgh where Im a student athlete and major in Finance and Economics and minor in Management Information Systems and Computer Science. At SUNY Plattsburgh Im on the Track and Field team where Im a hurdler.

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