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Resources for Teachers

ACS Chemical Science Safety in the Classroom

This website provides educational information from the
American Chemical Society about science safety in the
classroom for grades K-6 and 7-12.

Teacher Tube

This website provides educational and instructional
videos for teachers and students.

Awesome Science Teacher Resources

This website provides links, labs, and activities aligned
with the national standards for chemistry and biology.
These resources were collected from a teacher
that was in the field for thirty-seven years.

PBS Learning Media

This is a link to the PBS website that provides
educational videos, interactive activities, and documents
that are sorted by grade, subject, and media type.

Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

The Next Generation Science Standards can be found at this website.
You can sort by grade and disciplinary core idea.

 Resources for Students

Video of Elements

Here is a YouTube video introducing the elements
and how they are arranged on the Periodic Table.

ACS Periodic Table

This is an interactive Periodic Table which provides a variety of information
of each element such as ionization energy, atomic weight, and electronegativity.

Spark Notes: Periodic Trends

This provides a summary of some of the Periodic Trends such  as
atomic radius, ionization energy, and electron affinity.

 Build an Atom Simulation

This PhEt simulation allows the user to build up to ten different atoms.
The simulation uses an orbital model and a cloud model
which can be changed.

PhET Simulation

This is the home website for the PheET simulations.
These simulations provide a variety of interactive online simulations
that are sorted by subject and grade level.

Online Scientific/Graphing Calculator

Here is a free web-based scientific calculator
that can also be used to graph functions.

The Periodic Table of Videos

This interactive website provides an informational video about each element
on the Periodic Table.

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