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Bio & More

Sweet face huh?  

About me:

        My name is Drew.  I began high jumping in the 10th grade.  By the 11th grade I was jumping 6 feet.  In the 12th grade I did not improve and finished my high school career stuck at 6 feet.  I competed at the New York State Publich High School Athletic Association Championships at Cicerno-North Syracuse High School in June 2005 and competed in the Small School Pentathlon competition and finished in fifth place (and broke my own school record).  From there, I attended the SUNY College at Plattsburgh, New York.  After putting some fine tuning on my approach, by May I jumped 6' 5" or 1.96 meters.  There was a big change from high school.  Lifting was essential to improvement in all aspects.  I also found that stretching made a big difference too.  I just finished four years of NCAA track and field and 6' 5" has remained my personal record.  I was the captain of the track and field team at Plattsburgh for my junior and senior year.  Over the years, I was teammates to a few NCAA qualifying athletes in the 10k, 5k, decathlon, open 400m, and 4x400 m relay teams.  Some were All-Americans and I was blessed to have them as teammates and all I learned from them in terms of determination, leadership and courage.  My coaching has also been vital in my development as a high jumper since I began back in the 10th grade.  



What are some easy things to do to improve your high jump:

  •  Weight lifting plan- get on it and stay on it- increase volume and lower intensity during the off season, and decrease volume, while increasing intensity during the competition season.
  • Stretch and stay hydrated after completing a workout.
  • Running workouts: short sprints (20m up to 100m sprints), plyometrics (box drills, bounding, sprint drills)

A simple warmup:
  1. 50m jog
  2. 50m skip
  3. 50m jog
  4. 50m backward jog
  5. 50m jog
  6. 50m skip with arms open then hugging yourself
  7. 50m jog
  8. 50m karaoke one way
  9. 50m karaoke the other way
  10. 50m jog
  11. 50m skip
  12. 50m jog
  13. 50m side shuffles- arms out wide, then go up and down with them (like making a snow angel)
  14. 50m side shuffles the other way
  15. 50m jog
  16. 50m backward job
Drills (2 x 30 meters):  Get toes up and knees up!
  • Arm drill- focus on double block
  • A skips
  • B Skips
  • High knees
  • Alternating fast leg
  • Butt kicks
  • Big leg shuffle
  • Short leg shuffle
  • Skip 1,2,3 Pop Up (right leg take off one way down, left leg back)
  • Circle runs (run in a circle or on 3-point line and work on lean)
Mat Drills
  • Hand Stands
  • Back bends (aka bridges)
  • Back flips
  • Rock back jumps (first-just onto mat and then graduate to going over a bar or rubber practice cord)
  • Rock back jumps from a box (the next step after using the cord or bar to practice flopping from higher heights)
  • Back stretch (lay on back, legs fully on mat, and bend over side of the mat to let your back stretch)






Andrew Krug

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