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Village of Amityville Summer Beach Program

In my four summers working at the Amityville Beach, I have learned different ways to keep our earth clean, as well as the importance of ocean conservation. I have learned about the importance of helping others and reaching out with kindness to everyone whom you meet.

Hollister, Sunrise Mall

  • Massapequa
  • During my time at Hollister, I learned the importance of working well with different types of people. I learned time management skills as well as how to be task-oriented as well as flexible. I also learned more about the retail field.


    Academic Merit Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement
    I recieved this award in Grace Day School in 8th grade because I had maintained a 3.0 GPA.


    First Place Winners of the Gravity Winter Cheer Classic
    In my sophomore year of high school while I was on the JV Cheerleading Squad, we competed at the Gravity Winter Cheer Classic against 12 other high school teams and we came in first place and recieved this award.


    Participant in the Annual International Beach Cleanup Day
    During this experience many people from different towns came together to help clean up one of the Long Island beaches. We walked around in teams or groups with garbage bags, buckets, gloves, and trash grabbers and collected all of the trash on the beach to help keep our earth clean.

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