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Member of the Unqua Corinthian Yacht Club Swim Team
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I have been swimming on this team since I was seven years old. It is a competitive swim team with one hour practices every morning and swim meets twice a week in the summer. I placed in many meets and specialized in swimming backstroke and freestyle. I also received the "most dedicated" award.
Writer for the Grace Day School newspaper, The Lion Ledger
In middle school I was a writer for the jokes section in the school newspaper. We would look up jokes online or think of them on our own and write them in the newspaper. There were also students who wrote columns in the paper about topics that interested them and they would write their thoughts about it.
Member of the St. Martin's CYO Swim Team
I have been a member of this team since I was seven years old. It is a competitive swim team. The practices lasted about an hour each week and the swim meets were once a week. This swim team is during the winter, which made it indoor. I placed in many meets and I specialized in swimming backstroke and freestyle, and at one swim meet I was asked to replace a swimmer in butterfly, one of the more difficult strokes.
Member of the Peace and Justice Club
In my Freshman year of high school I joined this club and we helped plan different events for people who were less fortunate and we also set up bake sales and food drives to give people who are less fortunate food or clothes and also to raise money.


Member of the Varsity Sailing Team
I was a member of the Varsity Sailing team for three years in high school. It was a competitive sailing team. We sailed boats called 420s. I enjoyed being on this sport because it was different and fun! We had practices everyday after school and we would have sailing regattas and races.
Member of St. John the Baptist Varsity Cheerleading Squad
I cheered for three years of high school on the Freshman, JV and Varsity Cheerleading Squad. We practiced six days a week in addition to tumbling practices at a local gymnastic center. We cheered at all football and basketball games home and away and we competed in competitions we won many first and second place trophies, including being the first place winners of the Gravity Winter Cheer Classic on the JV team.


Member of the Cobleskill Cheerleading Squad
While I was a member of this cheerleading team at SUNY Cobleskill, I had so much fun meeting new people who shared the same passion and interest in cheerleading as I do. We practiced once a week and we cheered at all the home basketball games. We also walked in the annual town parade and learned a new dance routine during the holiday season.
Member of the Cobleskill Floral Design Club
I joined the Floral Club during my freshman year at SUNY Cobleskill. I enjoyed this club because at the time I wanted to be a wedding planner and I thought that learning how to make floral arrangements would be the perfect way to educate myself about an aspect of the field. While in this club, we learned how to put floral arrangements together and how to make cornucopias and different seasonal arrangements.


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