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Seeking Public Relations position in non-profit

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I would like to work for a non-profit organization. I love to help people who are less fortunate than me, and I want to help raise money and work for different charities in the field. I would be a good hire because I want to give back to the less fortunate and to help them every day with their needs. I also love animals and would love to work in that field. I love to write and I am a very organized person, so I would make a good fit in the Public Relations field. I want to be able to do something good in the world and I think this major will help me achieve that.

I am interested in the process of setting up fundraisers and events to bring people together who have a common interest in giving back and helping others. I think that this field is perfect for me because there are many different aspects and directions that I can explore. I know that I want to give back to my community in any way I can. I also want to be able to help animals who are in danger and to set up fundraisers to raise money and awareness.

My ultimate goal is to find a position where I can use my public relations skills to help make a difference in the world. I have a huge passion for helping others and doing anything I can to make other people’s lives better. I am very excited to be working in this field and I would love to help you promote your organization.

What I would bring to this position would include my communication skills, organizational skills and my ability to work well with others and to get the task done. I am a motivated worker and I know my commitment to the job will help me achieve all the tasks that this position includes.

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