Objective: To become a traveling journalist for a magazine.

My initiative to travel is good for capturing stories from numerous point of views. Traveling to a number of places is inspiring and will help me to see different perspectives to everyday life. As I travel across the world, I will encounter many different languages. To me every person can connect through music, no matter where they are from. Music is a universal language that we all enjoy. I have been to many shows and would like to continue doing so while also getting the inside story of each concert or musical festival. Taking classes in multimedia and magazine journalism has shaped my concept of writing. It has taught me to value my writing because I am not the only one who will be reading it. Rolling Stone magazine is what helped me make my decision to follow up on magazine journalism. I have been reading it since high school. It always has stories about my favorite bands and singers. To one day be involved in Rolling Stone Magazine or something similar to it would be my ultimate career goal. It has brought so much joy to my life at a young age and if I could bring the same happiness it brought me to another reader that would be amazing! Although, I am unsure where all these courses will take me, I know it will be in the field of journalism. I always told myself that writing was a hobby for me and that I didn't want to make it my career in fear of it losing it's fun. I was wrong. After becoming a journalism major and writing numerous diverse stories for assignments, it is clear to me now that I couldn't imagine doing anything else for the rest of my life. I am excited to see where it takes me because I'm willing to go anywhere.