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American Battle Monuments Commision

This website is an interactive map for World War II battles and important events. Allows students to interactively go through the map and click on what interests them. Has mulitple documents and

Time Line. This website is for an online Timeline Generator. It creates timelines by putting information into an outline and generates the timeline.


The Presidency Project has a lot of data on current presidents as well as former presidents. The website has things like the major speeches each president gave, inaugural addresses, and the election results from the elections.

The Civil War: America Divided

This is a link to my webquest. Students will use this to get access to my webquest when it is assigned in my class.

Cyber Sleuth Kids: US History

This website has a thorough summary of the Civil War. It starts with the Lincoln-Douglas debates and goes through the end of reconstruction. It's a great resource for a quick way to read about the Civil War and find out what actually happened.

Battles of the Civil War: Crash Course US History #19

This a video made by youtube channel Crash Course that discusses the major battles of the Civil War. It is engaging and an interesting way to learn about the battles of the Civil War, as well as finding other educational videos for students.

The Gettysburg Address

This is an interactive Gettysburg Address. Students can zoom in on the actual document to read President Lincoln's handwriting as well as listen to it, being read to by Liam Neeson.

Civil War 150

This interactive history channel website about Civil War lets students explore Civil War facts about each side. They can find out the major weapons used, the amount of casualties, and even the pay each soldier would get during the Civil War.

Civil War 360: Civil War Trust

This website allows its visitors virtually explore a major battlefield as it would look today if they were to visit. Allows students to see a place they may not get to see while they are in school and they can see where the worst war in American history took place.











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