Outside of Ward Hall


To work in the magazine industry. Whether it be writing fun stories, designing or even grabbing coffee. I want to be apart of a publication.

Having fun and telling stories

Living in a small town for most of my life has not prepared me for much outside of the farming life in Barton, New York. Moving six hours away to start my college career was stressful and intimidating at first, but I have embraced the change and learned how to always have fun and be myself, while at the same time excelling in my course work.

I am a magazine journalism and public relations major in my junior year at SUNY Plattsburgh. Plattsburgh seemed to be the perfect place for me on paper, and when I visited the first time, I instantly fell in love with the campus.

Journalism appealed to me because I want to tell stories. When people take the time to pick up magazines in particular, they enter a different world and learn about new things. I want to be able to inform and entertain readers who has a story that I put all of myself into. My dream is to see my name in the byline, even though no one else may pay attention to it.

Writing has always been a fit for me; my other hobbies include drawing, playing ukulele and reading. I enjoy being so academically involved here on campus. I love my hobbies, but I also love keeping busy with my challenging courses.

The more I learn about Journalism the more I want to work in the industry. The classes that I have taken and the work that I have produced make me excited me to enter the industry.