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State University of New York at Plattsburgh

Public Relations is a field where one must excel in detail, deadlines, leadership and communication. This field could serve me well as a platform to showcase my passion for writing, photography and undying creativity. At the same time, building my confidence and skill set in these categories. Here are some courses that are helping me in reaching my goal towards gaining experience by interning at a company as a Public Relations consult.

Course Related Work

Media and Society
Media and Society was an introductory course showcasing how several platforms of media have become available at the hands of society over the years. Over-communication, libel and yellow journalism was a few of the course material that stood out to me. Also, Learning about how we went from print, radio, television, to having access to all of the above in a hand sized device, gave me depth perspective of that specific history, how it affects our present and our future advancements.
Public Relations Principles
Public Relations Principles was an introduction to the main concepts of the public relations field . We had a project that gave me a sense of what PR truly means in which we had to follow a company, research their corporate structure and crisis management and implement strategies in which we could benefit the company . and the different
Intro to Human Communication
Into to Human Communication was a course that dealt with the core basics of communication. Learning about semantics, syntax and how public communication has evolved, gave me the chance to expand my knowledge of the communication fields, studies and communication as an everyday phenemona.
Web Design and Production
Web Design and Production is a begginer-intermediate level course dealing with the blueprint of webpages through learning about HTML, CSS, elements and a lot more. Not only did I learn about the complex nature of what it takes to build a webpage, I learned that being consistent and concise is significant because if an attribute is missing or a code is misspelled, it affects the overall result of the webpage-sort of like life.
Event Planning
Event Planning deals with the budgeting, resources and thought processes that result in a positive experience for both internal and external relations. We were able to work as a class and plan an event and also come up with our own event blueprints and implementations. It gave me a new found independence and demonstrated that a lot of dedication, patience and time goes into planning a successful event and it will show for itself.


Tech Skills
Prezi, Google Drive ( Google docs, Google sheets, Google slides).I have learned and made use of these skills through course related work in both high school and college. I also make use of these simple programs a campus club called PABJ, Plattsburgh Association of Black Journalists.
Personal Skills
Demonstrates excellent interpersonal skills: Brings a great deal of energy into the room, supportive, motivates others, cooperates, demonstrates excellent analytical skills through patience and efficient observation. Also, developed organization through filing papers, being symmetrical and keeping whatever work area I am in intact.

College Activities

Director of Public Relations, PABJ
PABJ group photo
I operate as the Director of Public Relations on a campus club chapter called Plattsburgh's Association of Black Journalists, which is a part of a of a larger association named National Association of Black Journalists. The mission is to develop unity and uplift underrepresented students on college campuses nationwide, specifically in the growing mass communication fields including Journalism, Public Relations, Communication studies, Broadcasting etc,. My responsibilities include planning discussions, creating fliers as well as using social media and word of mouth as a platform to inform individuals of our events and discussions.
Jainaba serving a volleyball

Hobbies and Interests

I played volleyball for two years in high school. We won the championship of fall 2013 and runner up in spring of 2014. I also play intamural co-ed Volleyball on campus.
I have been dancing for countless years now. My best friends and I even started a West African dance team when we were 14 years old. We choreographed our own dances and performed at weddings and birthday celebrations.
I enjoy writing anything from poetry to my feelings on social injustice. It is my outlet, my canvas and my craft, and I aspire to become better.