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Employment & Volunteer Experience


Rainbow Women's Clothing store

I operated as a Sales Associate at Rainbow while I was home for the winter and summer breaks from school. I advised customers, mainly women, from various age groups, in finding clothing to suit their fashion expectations. At the same time, I demonstrated kindness, conciseness and approachability to customers. Lastly, I was responsible for shipment, processing, stock and mark downs on new and/or sale items

Volunteerism and Community Service

Publicolor (Non-Profit Organization)

I operated and occasionally operate as a Staff Assistant/Painter at Publicolor. Publicolor is a non-profit organization that brings color to facilities such as shelters, schools and hospitals. The objective is helping individuals within these facilities to gain happiness and be comfortable with an environment that they come in contact with regularly.

My College Trip to D.C
Publicolor provides bi annual college tours to students involved in the program. I was granted the opportunity to visit several colleges throughout high school, even some in Washington D.C.! They also provide gap scholarships to graduating high school seniors. Publicolors main mission is to get more students to acheive their college dreams and career goals.

I conduct new volunteers from other organizations every Saturday by teaching them how to prime cut, and roll. Some of my duties includes handling heavy lifting, being on high ladders and, most importantly, being alert. Because of the abundance of new people and painting material, it is extremely significant to be observant. At the end of a painting day, my responsiblity includes organizing storage closet and cleaning supplies.

If you want to check out a video that I participated in my senior year of high school for Publicolor, check it out!

Reading and Writing Tutor

I administered underclassmen to improve reading skills by engaging in weekly one on one meetings. Specifically, I guided students in developing their punctuation, grammar, spelling, and essay writing. The main objective was to prepare incoming high school freshmen for important exams in their future such as regents, SAT’s and ACT’s.

Leadership Team Member

I operated as leadership team member at my high school. I Achieved raising school funds by implementing events such as bake sales, game night and spring formal. Also, I helped reduce costs of facilitating events by bringing staff on board to donate food and chaperone. Lastly, I photographed, organized photo placement and edited grammar on the high school yearbook.