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International Currency Exchange

At the International Currency Exchange I have many important responsibilities. I am required to count all currency and balance drawers and the vault throughout the day and at the end of night. If any amounts do not match up, I am responsible for identifying transaction mistakes. I am also responsible for verifying checks and paying out the appropriate funds upon validating them. I work a lot with computers at my job, entering amounts into the exchange program to calculate rates. I am also very experienced in customer service due to this job. I am required to settle problems or issues that may arise with customers at work and inform them of current exchange rates, fees and other information.

Zeina's Salon and Day Spa

At Zeina’s my main responsibility was definitely being the front of the house. It was always vital to my boss that I be in the front as often as possible, always ready to greet persons entering the establishment. Upon greeting clients I would immediately determine the purpose of their visit, hang their coats and offer them beverages, and then escort them to their specific destinations. As a receptionist I was obviously responsible for booking appointments, making confirmation calls, keeping the calendar organized and collecting and distributing tips to the hairdressers. At Zeina’s too, I was responsible for solving disputes with unhappy customers and ensuring that they left with a smile on their face. I was also responsible for cleaning the entire salon, including but not limited to mopping, dusting, organizing the waiting room and vacuuming.


I only worked at Pacsun for one summer, but it was still a beneficial experience. My manager usually had me working as a greeter at the front of the store because of my outgoing personality. I enjoyed greeting customers, and I would usually fold clothes towards the front of the store while I was doing it. I also worked as a cashier obviously, and bagged and gift-wrapped merchandise. I assisted customers by helping them find specific products or by answering any questions that they may have had. I was also responsible for cleaning the store at closing time and accounting for “lost” or stolen merchandise and balancing out the cash drawer.

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