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Odyssey Online

Odyssey Online is an online newspaper written by students from universities all around the country. We started a chapter of Odyssey at SUNY Plattsburgh last semester and it has been a great experience so far. Every week I write an article on a topic of my choice to be published online. I also often take my own photographs to accompany my articles. Writing for Odyssey helps to prepare me for real-world journalism and photography.

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Additional Skills

Tech Skills

Computer Skills
I am very efficient in programs such as Sony Movie Studio, Audacity and Photoshop. I am also a very fast typist.
Social Media Expert
With my expertise in social media, Instagram specifically, I am confident that I could create a successful Instagram for most businesses. I have the skills to take professional-quality photographs and the experience to know how to use the social media platform to its fullest potential.

Personal Skills

Very Outgoing
I am not shy and never have been. My outgoing and personable nature will certainly help me in my future career. Networking is arguably the most important part of getting a successful career, and with my people skills I know I will be excellent at it.
Fashion and Style Expert
I have a very keen sense of style and aesthetics. Many people have told me that I "have an eye" for things," and I know that I can use that skill to my benefit.
Photography and Writing Skills
I am passionate about photography and love taking photos.

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