Web Designer, Software Engineer, Programmer

The kind of jobs I am interested in range from designing and building Web pages from the ground up, to working for a Software Engineering firm, and running the gambit in-between the two with programming in general. I love the feeling of accomplishment that comes from building something amazing with nothing but keystrokes on a computer. This is the reason I got into the field: to see what amazing things I can create.

My credentials range from having a formal engineering background and all of the problem solving skills that go with that, as well as skill set of several programming languages under my belt, including Python3, C, C++, and Matlab, and I am currently learning Perl. Soon I plan on learning more Javascript to improve my Web design skills.

The feeling of accomplishment for a job well done is enough to keep me working well into the night if need be to make a deadline with the absolute best product I can produce in the time given. I work well in a team with designers, including a few projects with graphic designers, as well as with other programmers/ software engineers. I am also patient and willing to slowdown and explain everything a client might need to know so they can receive the best product we can produce for them.


My goal is to start a career in the Software Engineering field.

Employment History

Kmart Logo
Kmart (Summer 2011- present)
At Kmart I repair, set up, and maintain the registers; run a register when needed; stock shelves and handle backroom stock; answer tech questions for electronics customers that want extra information; and run the garden shop when it is open.
Borders (Winter 2009 seasonal work)
At Borders I ran the registers, restocked books that customers didn’t put back, to their correct locations, and helped customers locate what they were looking for.
Closed Borders

Education history

SUNY Plattsburgh Crest

My Engineering background/foundation I got at SUNY Canton has left me with all the problem solving skills of an engineer, and when applied to my Computer Science Degree from SUNY Plattsburgh, makes me perfectly suited for the programming based problem solving of a Software Engineer.

SUNY Plattsburgh (Fall 2013-present)
Major Computer Science BS
Minor Computer Security
Minor Web Design Programming
SUNY Canton (Fall 2010-Spring 2013)
Major Engineering Science
Seton Catholic Central High School
Took AP History classes worth college credit:
• U.S. Civil to 1877
• U.S. Civil since 1877
Canton Seal
Seton Catholic Central Seal
Matlab Logo

Matlab Programing

Matlab the standard engineering software, using this language/software, for my final project, I coded a calculator that could accurately and efficiently solve long difficult Chemistry problems that can take upwards of 10 minutes to solve, in seconds.

C/C++ logo

C & C++ Programming

I have working knowledge of these 2 languages, and am capable of debugging them with ease, as well as compiling and testing programs made with these languages.

Javascript Logo

JavaScript Programing

I am currently learning this programming language.

Computer Repair image

Basic Computer Repair

I am capable of repairing most modern desktop computers as well as diagnosing the problem of nearly any modern laptop or desktop. I can fix most software problems with any computer. I can fix hardware problems with most/ if not all desktops, and some hardware problems with laptops. I am currently learning how to better repair laptop hardware. I do all the repairs for my friends and family, short of actual board repair (I would rather replace a damaged piece then try to repair the broken chip).

Python3 Logo

Python 3 Programming

I am quite proficient in the use of the python 3 programming language, capable of producing interactive graphical displays and several other useful tools.

HTML 5 Logo

HTML 5 Coding

I can code fully functioning websites using HTML5.

CSS 3 logo

CSS Coding

I can use CSS for styling websites along side HTML5, both internal and external style sheets.

Adobe Dreamweaver Icon

Adobe Dreamweaver

I can build a fully functioning website using only Adobe Dreamweaver, or using it in conjunction with HTML5 coding and CSS coding.

People To People Seal

People to People

My junior and senior years of high school I was selected to participate in the People to People student ambassador program which was started by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1956. It sends promising students to other countries to help improve our country’s image abroad by showing the world the best young minds our country has to offer. I was accepted into the program after many intensive interviews, for my integrity and leadership skills.

Hiking, snowboarding, skateboarding, biking, and other outdoors activities.

Jared Baker a snowboard & skateboard

Collecting ocarinas, as well as learning to play the differernt types of ocarinas.

Three Ocarinas

Learning about new technologies and how they work, and how they compare to the older models.

Picture comparing 2000 technology to 2015 technology

Playing video games alone, or with my wife and family.

Picture of different gaming systems together.

Playing outside with my daughter/family.

Me and my Daughter

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