Creator, Photographer, Writer, Public Relations Student

For nearly three years, I have been immersed in the SUNY Plattsburgh public relations program. During these years I played women’s rugby. I gained skills working on a team, which is also important when working on a communications plan. I had to stop playing, but I created a public relations position for myself in order to improve the image of our team. I used fliers and face to face communication in order to gain new members. At the end of my sophomore year, I was offered an internship for the public relations department at Plattsburgh. The work ethic that professors saw in me will benefit your company.

I also run my own photography business. Being young and building a business takes confidence and motivation. I deal with clients by asking what they want and giving them a great end product. I represent them on social media and talk with them directly to discuss their goals. I understand the importance of recognition of my business name, building a strong clientele base and customer satisfaction. I work hard every day to get where I want to be. I believe this proves a strong work ethic and my persistence to be successful.

My current key skills are in social media, communicating and video editing. I obtain these skills when working with clients and creating projects for class. I use these skills outside of the classroom by maintaining my own Youtube channel and social media outlets. I was also the head of a design team for Honor Flight, a non-profit organization. I will apply these skills in order to contribute to the image and growth of an organization.