Seeking job as a New York City fashion publicist

I love working with fashion, and I would like to be involved with something that has to do with fashion and writing. I've always been a good writer ever since I was a little girl. I live on Long Island and I'm fortunate enough to be able to go to New York City as often as I would like. The thought of working in the city gets me excited because of the atmosphere and the busy streets filled with workers, residents and tourists who spend their days in the city that never sleeps.

Growing up, I was always reminded and taught about fashion. My mom has always been my fashion icon and someone that I look up to and ask for advice when it comes to trends and what to and not to wear. She has inspired me to have a career in fashion.

Aside from my passion for fashion, I also have always had an interest in writing. Throughout my years in school, writing has always been the easiest and most interesting subject for me. Being able to write for a career about or for fashion is my biggest goal. I want to be able to represent a designer or a company in the best way possible. And I believe that with my organization skills, my strive to makes things happen and my ability to communicate through my writing skills and fashion based interest is why I am a good candidate for a publicists job in the fashion industry.