Positive Business-Minded Women Interested in Public Relations Career

As a native of New York City, I’ve learned to adapt to a fast-pace life and adjust to quick changes which is vital in the field of Public Relations. I plan to venture into corporate crisis management. I find enjoyment in solving problems and helping a corporation improve its self-image. Public relations relies heavily on group work and I believe my positive and optimistic energy will bring forth a successful work environment.

I’m currently enrolled in SUNY Plattsburgh as a Public Relations Major. As a junior in college, my main priority are my grades. I don’t settle for anything less than what I’m capable and strive to do better than my best. I find delight in when my peers ask for help and often try my best to do what I can for them to be successful.

I’ve taken basic communication classes to help me be an effective communicator in any situation that may potentially arise. Along with communication classes, I’ve taken basic classes on Public Relation principles.

Contact me:
Email- danajulien15@aol.com
Phone- 347-404-2001

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