Danny Fan | Cover Letter

Student, Computer Science Major, Programmer


I have a passion in learning new skills. One of such things is programming. I enjoy learning different programming languages and creating programs using them. I am motivated by being in an environment where I can learn new skillsets that will help me while also improving my own skills.

I'm interested in a job where I can incorporate my skills to help the company. I have experience in Python and C. I am also proficient in using Adobe Photoshop. My relevant coursework includes: introduction to unix/linux, introduction to programming, and discrete mathematics I and II. I have a working knowledge of various social media sites.

I'm seeking to use my assets of creativity, web, and programming to help the company achieve its goals. I am a team player willing to hear other colleagues' ideas and work together to fulfill what is needed to be done. Although I lack experience, I cover that with my ability to as a fast learner and adapt to the environment. Based upon my skills and character, please consider myself for a position in your company.


Seeking a job where I can use my programming skills and creativity to help the company achieve its goals.


Picture of myself