David Cover letter
David Damiani

Creative Entrepreneur

I’ve always been a dreamer and a problem solver, from driving downtown (NYC) with my mom sitting in the passenger seat,looking outside the mirror daydreaming about movie concepts to starting a $3,200 a week candy selling business in high school. I’ve always been conceptualizing how I can make my life easier and how I can to obtain the things I want.

Coming into college as a freshman and now a senior, those innate creative and entrepreneurial abilities have only became enhanced. Originally being a philosophy major and now public relations, I’ve learned how to critically think more concisely ,plan efficiently as well understanding the power of branding. These skills have successfully aided in supporting my habits of producing entertainment events for the Plattsburgh college crowd to concerts and events for the pan-african demographic in NYC.

I’ve always enjoyed producing events because I have felt that I had the creative ability to curate as I pleased but honestly because of the impact I’ve had on my attendees. Whether it be a concert bringing a popular Afro-caribbean artist or even my latest festival venture where I create a street theme festival for talented pan-africans to showcase their creative work within the realms of music,food and art. The impact and the joy on people’s faces is what keeps me going. To hear “ Wow, I’ve always drew paintings when I was younger .. I’m going to start again, or I’ve always been shy to sing but this event inspired me.” Inspiring and cultivating purpose and artistic professionalism through specially curated events and digital content has been a thrill for me. I believe my future will continue in servicing the people and I’m excited for all the possibilities. If you’d like to follow me on my journey or even if you have some ideas and would like to collabrate you can reach me at @vincenzodamianinyc@gmail.com, (914)-207-9157.