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SUNY Plattsburgh

I have enjoyed my time so far during college. Starting out my freshman year with general education classes, I had some great experiences. I found the 3 anthropology classes I took to be very interesting. I wasn't sure on what I wanted to major until the spring of 2015. At the end of my freshman year I decided to declare a major in journalism. At that time, I declared newspaper journalism as my major.After taking an audio and video journalism class last semester, that made me realize that I wanted to go into the multimedia field of journalism. I plan on changing my major to that this coming spring.

Completed Journalism Courses:

A-V Production for Journalism & Public Relations:
This hands-on course is designed to familiarize the student with the basic theory and practice of audio and video production in journalism and public relations. This course will introduce the student to the basics of capturing and editing audio and video for the Web, including writing for audio and video, operation of audio recorders and video camcorders, and digital editing of audio and video
Introduction to Magazine Writing:
Introduction to the craft, art and marketing of magazine writing. Introduction to query letters and story pitches. Broad overview of the magazine industry, past and present.
U.S. Media History:
History of newspapers, magazines and multimedia in the United States. Students learn what issues recur in media history; trace the evolution of media presentation; and analyze the impact of social, political, economic and technological change.
Speaking / Writing for Professionals
This speaking-intensive course includes significant attention to writing skills, applying principles of writing to improve speaking and principles of speaking to improve writing. Students are introduced to communication theory and ethics, and develop speaking, listening, interviewing and organizational skills necessary for communicating effectively in small groups and the workplace. Students research, write, rewrite and deliver a minimum of five speeches, and compose rhetorical analyses and reflections. Students learn to manage communication apprehension through individual and group presentations.
An introduction to visual reporting, photojournalism and photography with an emphasis on Photoshop. Practice in deadline composition using a manually operable digital camera.
Grammar and Sentence Writing
The study of English grammar, punctuation, the grammatical principles behind writing effective sentences and a grammatical terminology that will be applied consistently throughout the journalism curriculum.
Law and Ethics for Journalism and Public Relations
Focuses on the news media and public relations, with an emphasis on ways legal statutes and ethics affect the practice of journalism and public relations conducted in new media and marketing environments. Examines the moral, philosophical, and legal foundations of decision-making across two interdependent disciplines. Provides the necessary tools to help journalism and public relations graduates make better sense of the situations and challenges they will face in their professional lives.
Web Design and Production
Introduces students to Web page design, HTML and CSS. Teaches students to design basic, static websites in CSS and HTML with and without Web page authoring software such as Dreamweaver. Designs will focus on static, fixed-width pages intended for desktop and laptop viewing.

Saranac Central High School

Graduated with an advanced regents diploma in math and science.

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