Devin Butchino


I was born and raised in Morrisonville, New York. I am a huge sports fan. From watching them, to participating in them, sports are pretty much my life outside of school. Along with that, I enjoy reading sports articles, such as Bleacher Report, and watching sports broadcasts, such as Sports Center and ESPN. As my freshman year ended, I opened my eyes to the idea of becoming a journalism major. With that, I have hopes of getting involved in something within the sports industry.

As Of Now

I am currently in my sophomore year at SUNY Plattsburgh. I declared my major for journalism last semester so I have already gotten some classes under my belt. I have really begun to enjoy the computer side of journalism. Last semester, I took an audio / video journalism class in which I found quite some interest in. The idea of radio, podcasts, and video broadcasting peaked my interest. I was successful in that class.

Along with the online and multimedia aspect of journalism, I have also taken a class on the print side of magazines. That included various things such as: making your own mock magazine, working on phone interviews, APA styling practice, and gaining knowledge on the history of magazine journalism

That Sums It Up

Sure I haven’t been declared a journalism major for long, but in my almost 2 semesters of being declared, I have gained a lot of knowledge on what the industry consists of. Not only that, but I have been successful in those classes as I gain that knowledge. I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for taking your time to view this.

Contact me at or call me at (518) 536-1484.

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