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Chelsea Reid

Well-rounded, Passionate PR Major

MeI am striving to find a career in the Public Relations field. I hope to finish at SUNY Plattsburgh with a bachelors degree in Public Relations by December 2016 and after that continue on to get my masters.

I believe that my determination to complete a task correctly, on time, and beyond expectations will serve me well in the Public Relations field. Being a second degree black belt, I understand that it takes a passionate well-rounded individual to succeed in this world. My martial arts training has helped me develop a strong work ethic, an eagerness to learn, and a persistence to get things done and done well.

My main focus is to find a career, not a job. I believe that to succeed in something you have to be passionate about it and I am extremely excited and eager to learn about Public Relations and its place in the business world.

I am open to learning everything about this field and what it has to offer. I understand it is a growing industry and I am excited to grow right along with it.