I can speak Spanish and English both fluently.
Everyone knows how to speak, but communication is about listening and understanding. At Polo I learned to listen to the costumers because they were special. I learned to understand that they struggled to find clothing that fit them and I learned better words that helped me address problems without hurting their feelings.
Being part of a team has taught me how to lead and get things done while keeping everyone happy.
Audio and Video Editing
Good skill for matching images to audio at the right time.
I do things when asked to do them and as perfect as I can possibly do them.
I know what I want and I will work as hard as I can to accomplish my dreams.

Community Service

Relay for Life
Spring semester of 2016 I participated and raised money with the Plattsburgh State Women's Rugby team.
Food Bank Rugby Tournament
Spring semester of 2016 both the Women's and the Men's team held tournaments against other colleges and collected cans of food to donate to the less fortunate in our county.
TNT Rugby Tournaments - a scholarship fund for college students
All profits made at this tournament are donated to the Tony Santandrea Memorial Scholarship fund through the College Foundation.
tournament relay for life


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