Graduate a journalist and pursue my career as a lawyer.

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State University of New York at Plattsburgh

I decided to attend this college because of the opportunities its location has to offer. I hope that my college career as a Journalist will help me communicate and deliver as a lawyer.

Here are some courses I've taken that will help in the work force:

Audio and Video
As a modern journalist you are required to wear many hats. Knowing how to film and edit videos properly will increase the quality of stories.
News writing and Reporting
This course helped me come out of my shell and thought me ways to make difficult sources comply.
Public Speaking
Communication is key in any career. This course helped me develop my outgoing personality.

Employment History


While working at Babies "R" Us I learned how to communicate with pregnant women at difficult times in their lives. Having to persuade customers to sign up for creditcards helps me today because I can persuade people to give me information.

Polo Ralph Lauren's Big and Tall

While working at this Ralph Lauren location I learned how to make shy people open up to me through humor and conversation.

Ring Homestead Camp and Adventure Paintball

At this location I helped kids from different summer camps learn to hike and rock climb. At first it was difficult to get the kids to open up, specially those who were scared of heights.


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