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I am originally from the North Country in Upstate New York. During high school, I also studied abroad for a year as a foreign exchange student in the Central-West of France. I moved to New York City to attend college at New York University where I graduated with a degree in Anthropology and Religious Studies.

When I graduated I worked as an archaeologist with a variety of firms, both private and institutional. I had the opportunity to work all over the country from the Tri-State area to Arizona to Chicago as well as a brief stint on Easter Island. Life as an archaeologist can be tough, though, with long hours in all kinds of weather and constant traveling. So, I had decided to leave archaeology and move on to a new career path.

The most difficult part of the process was that I was not leaving just a job, but a vocation. I am passionate about history and enjoyed passing along what I had learned when approached by various people. I appreciated the variety of each project and the analysis and problem-solving that came with it. I knew I had something to offer and wanted to bring all of my experiences along with me. I remembered my time as a “student-teacher” and realized there was a way to translate my experiences in a concrete and substantial way.

In becoming a teacher, I will be fortunate to have not one, but two vocations. Similar to how I felt with archaeology, I know that, though teaching may be very hard at times, it will also be very rewarding. I will be able to bring in my archaeological background to give my social studies lessons a new dimension. I remember the encouragement and support system I received from teacher and school guidance counselors when I was a young adult and I look forward to helping other children find a way to reach their goals.






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