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Moon Phase Simulation
A great simulation for students, parents and teachers that shows the orbit of the moon around Earth.  It also shows how the moon appears from Earth throughout its orbit.

Moon Match
An interactive game that students can use to assess their knowledge of the phases of the moon.  Students can match up the pictures of the moon phases with the names of the moon phases in the correct order. 

New York State Teaching Standards
This website provides information on state standards, curriculum, and licensing.  It is a great tool for parents and teachers.

ISTE National Educational Technology Standards (NETS)
This website contains the National Educational Technology Standards for students, teachers, parents and administrators. 

A great website for up to date information concerning space and space related news.  Excellent lesson plan ideas are provided for teachers and interactive activities are provided for students making this website a great classroom tool.

US Geological Survey
This is an excellent resource to access maps and publications concerning geology within the United States.  Videos, animations and lectures are provided for educational purposes making this website a valuable tool for parents, teachers and students.

A national weather reporting website.  Up to date information for weather around the globe.  Historical information is also provided as well as weather maps and alerts and warnings.  A great go to site for accurate information.

Science Kids
Experiments, games, facts, quizzes, lessons, projects, images and videos to help students, teachers, and parents with science curriculum.
A great website for any content area and multiple grade levels.
An excellent source for teachers. This site has tons of valuable information and tools to aid in teaching earth science. 



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