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Educational Philosophy 



    I believe that education is constantly evolving and that the role of a teacher has evolved with it.  The purpose of education is to give students the tools with which they can succeed in both school and beyone.  The purpose is to foster creativity, orginal problem solving ideas, and to give the students a general knowledge base with which they can interprit future informaiton adn also understand the processes around them.  I will work as a teacher not to be a all knowing source of information but rather a mentor who can help studnets deseminate between good and bad information.   As  a history teacher I will make historical facts interesting, relateable, and memorable.  As a teacher I will be teaching a large and diverse community of learners in order to acomidate my students I will use a flexable lesson plan and varying assessment so that students have multiple ways to show what knowledge they have learned and that studnets will not feel that they are beign tested solely on an area in which hte are not strong.  


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Christopher Broere
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