Chelsea Asare


Creating Content For Herself

To obtain a position as a publicist and/or Entertainment journalist, where I can challenge my skills, abilities, and experiences in a field to create growth and the company's success.

Before coming to college I struggled with my identity. I wasn't sure what I was good at, nor was I sure of my interests. Over time, obstacles and opportunities came that allowed me to really find my niche. These things being fashion, photography, media, storytelling, good discussion and the uplifting of black women. When I became aware of this, I quickly decide to act on it.

I took initiative and began to brand myself because I knew no one could tell my story better than I can. I started by capturing my favorite outfits and posting them on social media to form a connection with my followers. I shared fashion tips with my school newspaper and wrote articles for college fashionista when I was a style guru this past summer. I participated in panels that encouraged both women and men to create their own content and tell their story.

Lastly, I hosted and curated my own event entitled Sippin With Sistas,to celebrate the black women on my school's campus.

I yearn for good stories and insight from others, which is why my focus point is the media.I have hopes of being a media executive and reporter, as well as a publicist.I want to see black women telling stories within black media, and black enterprises. I am eager for any adventure and love learning from those around me. Feel free to reach out to me, and take a look at what I've done.

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