Bailey Carlin|Education and Skills

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I have spent my time at Plattsburgh trying to be as involved as possible. I have also taken many classes that have helped me develop myself as an interviewer and writer.

Two classes that I have found special value in are Sports Reporting as well as Reporting and News writing. These classes pushed me out of my comfort zone as an interviewer and writer, which allowed me to become much more confident.


I have taken many news writing classes at Plattsburgh that have strengthened my knowledge in newspaper style writing. I have also worked on the school newspaper as well as done freelancing work for the local Plattsburgh newspaper.
I edit my staff of three writers for the school newspaper on a weekly basis. I also copy-edit stories from the other sections of the newspaper.
Sports Reporting
I took a sports reporting class which focused specifically on reporting and writing about sports teams and games. I also cover the local college sports teams for the local Plattsburgh paper The Press Republican.

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