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General Education:

HON 141—Quantitative Reasoning in Basic Mathematics

BIO 102—General Biology II (transfer)

PSY 101—Introduction to Psychology

HIS 102—US Civil Since 1877 (transfer)

ENG 101—College Writing II

ENG 170—Multiethnic American Literature

SPA 112—Elementary Spanish II

English B.A:

ENG 163—Introduction to Film and Literature

ENG 170—Multiethnic American Literature

ENG 195—Fundamentals of Literary Study I: The Literary Text (transfer)

ENG 196—Fundamentals of Literary Study II: Trends and Movements

ENG 295—Myth Ancient & Modern

ENG 297—Fundamentals of English Language Arts

ENG 301—Expository Writing

ENG 305—Teaching Writing to Adolescents

ENG 338—Utopias in Literature

ENG 364—Shakespeare

ENG 444—Arthurian Legend

ENG 462—Young Adult Science Fiction

Adolescence Education M.S.T:

HED 310—Foundations of Personal Health

EDU 280—Introduction to Adolescence Education

EDU 5170—Educational Technology I

Washington Internship Institute:

International and Foreign Policy Studies

Internship Seminar

English Internship


ENG 480—The Stratford Experience





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