Playing with computers has always been something I enjoyed doing. Over the course of my life, I've developed a passion and love for computers. As time went by, I realized this passion that I had just continued to grow. There is always something new to learn from computers, whether it's trying to understand how they work or just trying to understand how a program gets ran. I've always been a passionate learner and I love to take on challenging and complex situations. However I must say, at times it does get very difficult. Computers are very complex machines and understanding them tends to be bittersweet. It takes some getting used to and that is one of the most crucial things I've learned throughout the years. However in the end theres always something great to look forward to. I personally would advice anyone to get familiar with the at least some key aspects of computing because technology is very dominant in our society today and its not going anywhere anytime soon.

The environment I'm interested in working is one where I can not only learn new things each day but to also have fun while doing so. I would love to integrate my skills in computer science to help better the organization I will be working for and the community.

I am a team leader and I have no problem taking on the role of leadership. I love working with people. Most of my best projects were completed as a result of me being a part of a group. I personally believe that teamwork makes the dream work. Besides programming, I'm also proficient in designing websites through the use of various software, using Microsoft Powerpoint to create presentations, and using Adobe Lightroom to do picture editing..

I ask that you please take my application into consideration and I hope that you consider myself for a position in your company.


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